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The Four Hundred
Counting The Cost Of Power8 Systems

Get Your IBM i Audit On: Tips For A Smooth Deployment

Small IBM i Shops Find Simple, Inexpensive Reporting Options

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IBM Wheels And Deals For Flex And Power Systems

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Four Hundred Stuff
IBM i: Still a Great Fit for Manhattan Associates WMS

Rocket Battles Dropbox Creep with R/Link MFT

Need Apps for IBM i 7.2? Check the GSD

An IBM i Client for Every Administrative Occasion

IBM Connections Gets Business Social Makeover

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Four Hundred Guru
DB2 for i 7.2 Features And Fun: Part 2

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Now that IBM has put the four-core entry Power8 machine in the field to appease the processing and software group needs of a large portion of the IBM i installed base, it seems like now is a good time to finally get the price/performance analysis comparing Power7, Power7+, and Power8 machines out the door. There are many ways to dice and slice this, and I like to go through this methodically, as you all well know.
When it comes to tier-one ERP, IBM i still has some solid packages, but the platform has slipped a bit in the rankings compared to open systems. But when it comes to the warehouse management systems (WMS) that run the country's biggest distribution centers, IBM i is still top of the heap, largely due to the work of Manhattan Associates. And with its new omni-channel capabilities, the WMS looks to stay there for a while.
In today's highly regulated environment, little is left to chance--including the possibility your IBM i security is misconfigured. One way to keep ahead of the auditors' wrath is to become familiar with the auditing functions of the IBM i platform and to ensure it is set up correctly for your particular needs. Jeff Uehling, IBM's security architect for IBM i, recently provided some auditing tips in a webinar hosted by PowerTech.
Dropbox is a huge temptation for business users, but it's a security no-no in most organizations. One Dropbox alternative you might want to consider is Rocket Software's R/Link. The Java-based product, which Rocket launched a year ago, provides robust managed file transfer (MFT) capabilities and a nifty HTML5 interface that lets users securely move files across multiple devices, from smartphones and tablets to IBM i servers and mainframes.
What the young programmer learns usually follows him deep into his career. An example that comes to mind is query and report. Most programmers learned how to do this with IBM's Query/400, which was a fine product in its day, and is still immensely popular. But familiarity breeds content for many programmers. Unfortunately that's not true for end users. Generating reports with Query/400 has its limits and most companies exceeded those limits years ago.
IBM i version 7.2 has been out for about a month now, providing more than 100,000 users of the midrange server with a variety of helpful new features, not to mention all fixes to date. While IBM doesn't run a certification program for the new OS, ISVs are expected to begin listing their IBM i 7.2-compatible applications on the Global Solutions Directory (GSD) website.
Big Blue started its third financial quarter last week while we were on hiatus, and given that most of us don't expect any major server announcements until some new Intel Xeon E5 iron comes out around the fall, now would be a good time for IBM to start doing a little wheeling and dealing to get grease the skids a bit on some business. I poked around on IBM's sites to see what is cooking above and beyond what happens in the announcement letters.
Anybody remember OpsNav? The Windows-based client from IBM seemed to provide every function a system administrator could ask for. Well, we've come a long way since 1999, and today's administrators have a new crop of needs, which are served by a veritable army of IBM i clients from IBM.
IBM last week committed to spending $3 billion over the next five years on fundamental research into the "post-silicon" generation of chips that will keep us close to a Moore's Law performance track as processors shrink below the 7 nanometer threshold.
IBM made lots of midrange shops happy last year when it offered its flagship business collaboration software, called IBM Connections, on its IBM i platform. With the introduction of IBM Connections 5 this month, the company has enhanced the capability of its customers to collaborate with all relevant stakeholders, including those inside and outside the organization.
Not all IBM i programmers speak SQL. It's not even close, but it is, by most accounts a growing number. You don't have to look under rocks to find programmers focused on leveraging SQL whether they are building applications for the Web or for green screens. This new product from Cozzi Productions, called Query File, should catch the attention of programmers regardless of their SQL skill level. It's sort of a two-trick pony. One trick is for the people who know Query/400, but are strangers to SQL. The other trick is for those who know SQL but are pretty clueless when it comes to Query/400.
In the first tip of this series, I covered three new features introduced in DB2 for i 7.2: ALTER TRIGGER, TRUNCATE TABLE, and the ability to vary the fractional precision of a TIMESTAMP column. This tip continues the adventure by exploring a few more new features in IBM i 7.2 (in no particular order).
There will be IBM midrange shops hiring entry-level employees this year. And there will be shops wondering where they will find these folks. Finding entry-level workers with the right mix of technology skills (that includes IBM i) is not as simple as buying a gallon of milk at the Piggly Wiggly.
Next to Barbara Morris, the job log is the IBM i professional's best friend. However, even though job logs give useful information, they don't always tell us everything we need to know to diagnose job failure. A recent email from perspicacious reader Daniel Long reminded me that sometimes we have to help ourselves.
Cloud-based backup and recovery services and remote hardware for disaster recovery and high availability continues to attract IBM midrange shops and United Computer Group has become a trusted partner with many of them. Last week, the Cleveland, Ohio-based company announced two more companies that have decided to contract with UCG for what is being referred to as backup as a service, or BaaS.
We're consolidating our IBM i partitions on another Power 7+ machine that belongs to my parent company. They want to move and install some special-purpose user profiles from of their partitions to one of our partitions. What's the best way to port a user profile from one partition to another?