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IBM Readies More Power8 Iron For Launch
IBM i: Still a Great Fit for Manhattan Associates WMS
A Peek At IBM i Directions And Destinations
Rocket Battles Dropbox Creep with R/Link MFT
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Power Systems Sales Down In Q2, But Improving
An IBM i Client for Every Administrative Occasion
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IBM Connections Gets Business Social Makeover
New No-Code, Low-Code Mobile App From LANSA
Decisions, Decisions: Templates Or Snippets?
OCEAN Tech Conference Gains Audience
How Do I De-Edit? Let Me Count The Ways
UCG Grows BaaS Biz with VAULT400
When IBM i RGZPFM Doesn't Want To Rebuild Access Paths

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The Four Hundred
IBM Readies More Power8 Iron For Launch

A Peek At IBM i Directions And Destinations

Big Blue-Apple: It's All About The Apps

As I See It: To Think Or Not To Think

Power Systems Sales Down In Q2, But Improving

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Four Hundred Stuff
IBM i: Still a Great Fit for Manhattan Associates WMS

Rocket Battles Dropbox Creep with R/Link MFT

Need Apps for IBM i 7.2? Check the GSD

An IBM i Client for Every Administrative Occasion

IBM Connections Gets Business Social Makeover

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Four Hundred Guru
Decisions, Decisions: Templates Or Snippets?

How Do I De-Edit? Let Me Count The Ways

When IBM i RGZPFM Doesn't Want To Rebuild Access Paths

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Big Blue is getting ready to flesh out the rest of the Power8 systems lineup, and it looks like the pace is picking up a bit. Back in June, IBM announced a four-core variant of the Power S814 single-socket server, a machine that was only tentatively expected to be launched in the third quarter and was not part of analyst or customer briefings. IBM had said very little about its plans for larger systems that gang up more than four Power8 processors.
When it comes to tier-one ERP, IBM i still has some solid packages, but the platform has slipped a bit in the rankings compared to open systems. But when it comes to the warehouse management systems (WMS) that run the country's biggest distribution centers, IBM i is still top of the heap, largely due to the work of Manhattan Associates. And with its new omni-channel capabilities, the WMS looks to stay there for a while.
Do you ever get the feeling that IBM i news is the news that never makes the news? There's a joke that IBM i is Big Blue's best kept secret. It doesn't get many laughs, except for the smart-alecky kind. IBM's i team has ramped up its efforts, but their reach is limited to a few hundred at conferences and a few thousand by blogging. That level of evangelism was recently displayed at the OCEAN Technical Conference, where Alison Butterill was the messenger.
Dropbox is a huge temptation for business users, but it's a security no-no in most organizations. One Dropbox alternative you might want to consider is Rocket Software's R/Link. The Java-based product, which Rocket launched a year ago, provides robust managed file transfer (MFT) capabilities and a nifty HTML5 interface that lets users securely move files across multiple devices, from smartphones and tablets to IBM i servers and mainframes.
At first glance, the partnership between IBM and Apple is a bit of a head turner. The companies have little in common, either technologically or culturally. One makes electronic gadgets for consumers and the other sells IT solutions to enterprises. But when viewed through the lens of the world's obsession with mobile apps and Apple's unquestioned supremacy in creating app experiences that people love, the union starts to make sense.
IBM i version 7.2 has been out for about a month now, providing more than 100,000 users of the midrange server with a variety of helpful new features, not to mention all fixes to date. While IBM doesn't run a certification program for the new OS, ISVs are expected to begin listing their IBM i 7.2-compatible applications on the Global Solutions Directory (GSD) website.
With the Power8 machines launched in April and not shipping in some cases until June and in others until August, no one expected for the second quarter to be a necessarily great one for IBM's Power Systems business. But, as it turns out, it was not as bad as many quarters have been, even though there was an understandable decline. With Power8 machines now shipping, and as we report elsewhere in this issue, more on the way in the midrange and high-end, perhaps the Power Systems line will stabilize in the second half of the year.
Anybody remember OpsNav? The Windows-based client from IBM seemed to provide every function a system administrator could ask for. Well, we've come a long way since 1999, and today's administrators have a new crop of needs, which are served by a veritable army of IBM i clients from IBM.
The leading independent IBM i job scheduler is getting smarter with this month's release of Robot/SCHEDULE version 12 from HelpSystems. The new file event monitoring features added in v12 allow the job scheduler to react to file and directory events occurring on the IFS and physical file changes on the DB2 database, just like managed file transfer (MFT) products can do.
IBM made lots of midrange shops happy last year when it offered its flagship business collaboration software, called IBM Connections, on its IBM i platform. With the introduction of IBM Connections 5 this month, the company has enhanced the capability of its customers to collaborate with all relevant stakeholders, including those inside and outside the organization.
Getting started on a mobile application development project can seem just slightly less challenging than swimming up Niagara Falls. And sometimes, after you've started the project, it can seem like hurtling down Niagara Falls. Well, hold on, there are ways to dismiss your panic attacks. One option is the just-out-of-the-oven aXes Mobile App cooked up by the IBM midrange pros at LANSA.
All you RSE (a.k.a., RDi, RDP, WDSC) users out there: Do you prefer templates or snippets?
The opportunity to attend a local IBM i training and education conference only comes around once a year in Southern California. IBM i shops know it and they take advantage. Nearly 200 IBM i advocates gathered at the National University facilities in Costa Mesa earlier this month, the largest attendance in recent years. The OCEAN user group, based in Orange County, California, hosted the event. OCEAN is one of the largest IBM i user groups in the United States and by far the largest west of the Mississippi River.
I'm sure that you, the professional that you are, are expert in the process of editing numbers. Unlike me, you may even have memorized the edit codes we often use in RPG and DDS source code. Editing is important because it makes life easier for the folks who use the software we produce. But do you know how to de-edit?
Cloud-based backup and recovery services and remote hardware for disaster recovery and high availability continues to attract IBM midrange shops and United Computer Group has become a trusted partner with many of them. Last week, the Cleveland, Ohio-based company announced two more companies that have decided to contract with UCG for what is being referred to as backup as a service, or BaaS.
I'm trying to run this Reorganize Physical File (RGZPFM) command to reorganize one of my files while it's active: