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Partners Need To Get Certified--For Power8 And IBM i
VAI Gives Berk Enterprises a New Analytic View
'Game Changer' Mobile App Rollout Under Way
Townsend Looks to Spread 2FA Far and Wide
New Approaches Needed For Hyperscale Security Threats
DRV Unveils Fresh New Mobile Apps for Message Management
The Coder's Shortcut To Satisfaction
Nice Form! Quadrant Boosts Automation and Control in Formtastic
CMS/400 Could Switch Hands In $3 Billion Private Equity Deal
SoftLanding Repositions TurnOver for Database Conversions
IBM Gets The U.S. Nod To Sell System x Biz To Lenovo
Creating A GUID In DB2 For i
IT Evolution Chicago Style
Use SQL To Read IFS Directories
S4i Goes IASP with Document Management Tool for HA Protection
Automatically Detecting And Re-Enabling Disabled NetServer Profiles

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SoftLayer Brings Hourly Billing To Bare Metal Servers

Cray CS-Storm Packs A Serious GPU Punch

VMware Embraces OpenStack Clouds, Docker Containers

VMware Takes On Hyperconvergence Upstarts With EVO:RAIL

Nutanix Launches Fat Cluster Nodes, Hits $200 Million Run Rate

Microsoft's Own Five Year Move To The Azure Cloud

HP Systems Get A Bump Thanks To IBM-Lenovo Deal

Google, Mesosphere Make A Google Clone For The Masses

Violin Bolts Dedupe, Compression Onto All-Flash Arrays

IBM Techies Pit Docker, KVM Against Linux Bare Metal

Uncle Sam Approves IBM X86 Server Biz Sale To Lenovo

Google Mesa Data Warehouse Scales Like No Other

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The Four Hundred

The Four Hundred
Power8 Packs More Punch Than Expected

ManH Dives Into 'Clienteling' with GlobalBay Buy

Starving For IBM i Security Skills

Mad Dog 21/21: On Whom IBM Now Depends

Coming Face To Face With An IBM i Recruit

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Four Hundred Stuff

Four Hundred Stuff
Partners Need To Get Certified--For Power8 And IBM i

'Game Changer' Mobile App Rollout Under Way

New Approaches Needed For Hyperscale Security Threats

As I See It: IT At Play

The Coder's Shortcut To Satisfaction

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Four Hundred Guru

Four Hundred Guru
Creating A GUID In DB2 For i

Use SQL To Read IFS Directories

Automatically Detecting And Re-Enabling Disabled NetServer Profiles

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Business partners who resell Power Systems iron running the IBM i operating system have to jump through a lot of hoops to prove to Big Blue that they know what they are talking about when it comes to selling, installing, and configuring machinery. This is not a new thing to the IBM midrange, but rather the normal course of things since the days of the AS/400 and a natural consequence of selling a product through channel partners instead of a direct sales force. And that is precisely how all of us in the IBM i ecosystem want it to stay.
Berk Enterprises, an Ohio-based distributor of paper goods and disposable cutlery, is getting good dividends with S2K Analytics, the Cognos-powered line of business intelligence tools from VAI. The folks at Berk cite the ease of use of S2K Analytics and the capability to make modifications as the biggest draw, followed closely by the polished look and feel of reports.
A mobile workforce benefits from remote access to information and applications. Done right, a mobile application development project can be created, tested, introduced in phases, and enhanced within a schedule that handles risks and reduces project management trauma. Last year, one of 21 regional centers within the California Department of Developmental Services began a search for mobile application development assistance. It found a partner, developed a pilot project, and is on its way to a statewide rollout.
Under normal circumstances, user authentication products don't attract a lot of attention. But thanks to Russian hackers, the Heartbleed vulnerability, and Target's security breach, millions of people are wondering if their passwords are safe (newsflash: they're probably not). With these security fears as a backdrop, Townsend Security is looking to accelerate the adoption of its new IBM i two-factor authentication (2FA) software.
In the ongoing battle for network superiority, cybercriminals appear to be gaining the upper hand. The rise of commercial malware and the sophistication of hyperscale hacker tools are giving the bad guys incredibly powerful tools to perpetrate their crimes. Considering the disjointed approach to cyber threats in Western nations, some experts say it's time to explore fundamentally new approaches to fighting it.
DRV Technologies recently unveiled new mobile apps that allow administrators to view and respond to IBM i messages and jobs from the comfort of their iOS or Android mobile devices. The apps were unveiled as part of a major update to DRV's FlexTool suite.
If the words investigative, inquisitive, and analytical fit you like a kite fits in the hands of ol' Ben Franklin, you probably don't shy away from challenges--like building a robotic dog in your basement or learning to fly--programmatically speaking--without SEU, the old green-screen development tool. I can't help you with your robotic dog, but here's some help for those of you with SEU abandonment issues. Let me steer you to Susan Gantner's recently updated version of Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts for RSE.
Organizations that rely on Quadrant Software's Formtastic to automate the generation and distribution of electronic documents no longer have to wonder who's modifying form templates thanks to a new change management feature the vendor has added. Quadrant also added a new automated purge function to the popular product.
A London private equity firm is reportedly in the lead to buy Epicor Software, the American provider of ERP software for midsize manufacturers and distributors, including the RPG-based application formerly known as CMS/400.
It's been a while since we had any product news out of SoftLanding, the developer of the TurnOver change management tool that was acquired by Unicom Global nearly eight years ago. But earlier this month, we were apprised of a new release of TurnOver that introduces functionality in an area of IBM i development that's starting to get some traction: DDS-to-DDL database conversions.
The deal is almost done, and IBM has nearly rid itself of an X86 market that it helped foster, sometimes unwillingly, and yet never could figure out how to dominate. Perhaps that was a good thing for computing as a whole, but it may not be a very good thing for International Business Machines, as we knew it, over the long haul.
Normally, modesty would forbid me from saying this, but I love Four Hundred Guru. I was looking for a way to create a globally unique identifier (GUID) also known as a universally unique identifier (UUID) so that I could write some DB2 code compatible with SQL Server. Unfortunately DB2 doesn't have a GUID/UUID function so I had to search the web to find an alternative. What did I stumble upon? A good ol' FHG article showing how to create a GUID/UUID in RPG that could easily be used in DB2.
To successfully take on the challenges of building a modern, high-efficiency digital enterprise, IBM midrange organizations should be re-energizing their in-house IT staff for roles that are the natural evolution of enterprise computing. Not making the effort to do so is a missed opportunity. In most IBM i shops the IT personnel have deep experience with the IT infrastructure as well as intimate knowledge of your business and your industry niche. This isn't the kind of knowledge you can acquire from outside your organizations.
The Integrated File System (IFS) is marvelous, and without it this system I love so well would be history. Nevertheless, managing the files in the IFS is challenging. Recently I found myself wishing that I could use SQL to query an IFS directory. Since IBM had not provided me with that interface, I decided to build it myself. Here you are.
S4i Systems is now supporting independent auxiliary storage pools (IASPs) with S4i Express, its electronic document management and distribution tool for the IBM i OS. Running S4i Express within an IASP will give customers new options in the area of disaster recovery (DR), the company says.
I have a few people that no matter what I do, always manage to disable their i5/OS NetServer (NetServer) user profile when they are opening an IBM i file share. Is there anything I can do to automatically re-enable their profiles when this happens?